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 About Willow Therapy Farm

Willow Therapy Farm provides a tranquil environment for Children and Adults to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.

A range of Conscious Living and Alternative Therapy is provided as well as Child Therapy and Emotion Education Programmes for Children and their families.

Willow Therapy Farm came to be after Debbie researched that Nature Deficit was a key cause of Depression and Anxiety in Children and Adults. Many of her clients demonstrated a disconnection with themselves which coincided with a disconnection from Nature.  

Originally facilitated in Flat Bush, Debbie purchased the Clevedon farm in early 2014, to expand the Animal and Nature Assisted Emotion Education and Child Therapy Programmes.

Our Therapist

Debbie Rowberry, Willow Therapy Farm's therapist, has a strong affinity to Nature and animals. Her intuitive style of therapy, whether facilitating Child Therapy or Adult Alternative Therapy enables her to gain a deeper awareness of the root cause of her clients disturbances.

With over 30 years experience in Emotion Mindfulness and Meditation and a Post Grad in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Debbie has developed a range of Solutions Focused Programmes to empower Children and Adults.

For more information regarding the Children's Therapy Programmes that Debbie provides visit

Our Therapy Animals

The Therapy Horses and Dogs at Willow Therapy Farm play important roles in the Therapeutic and Emotion Educational Programmes. A vast representation of life experiences can be achieved in just one session. Working with the Therapy Horses and Dogs assists with 'In the moment' Emotional Learning. The wonderful personalities of the Animal team, provide insights into human behaviour, that even small children can identify and recognise in themselves.



Willow and Cinda are both Gypsy Cob Mares. Gypsy Cobs have been bred over many generations to be calm and reliable. Their temperaments make them exceptionally suitable to assist in Equine Assisted Emotion Regulation Therapy.



JD and Patch assist Children to understand and moderate their Emotions, Thoughts and Behaviour in the Horses Healing Kids - Child Behavioural Therapy Programme and Emotion Education Programme for schools.

Teddy, Mylie and Muffin.

Mylie, Teddy and Muffin assist in the Willow

SEL Programme, based at Willow Therapy Farm. They help children to understand and moderate their Emotions, Thoughts and Behaviour, in the Horses Healing Kids - Emotion Regulation Therapy Programme. 

Mylie, has since passed on but has left a legacy of emotionally stronger children. She will always be with us, her loving energy helping in the healing process. 

Willow Therapy Farm

610 Monument rd, Clevedon


New Zealand

Contact Details:

Mob 021741887


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