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Emotion Regulation Therapy

                                                                                Assisting Teenagers with Lockdown Anxiety

Child Emotion Regulation Therapy

and Emotion Education Programmes

Emotion Regulation Therapy Programmes for Children.

What is Emotion Regulation Therapy?

In her role as a Child Emotion Focused Behavioural Therapist, Debbie developed the Emotion Regulation Therapy Programme to provide a wrap around therapeutic service to assist children with high and complex needs. Different than counselling, the intensive therapy programme is solutions focused, addressing specific behaviour or emotion needs.

For Children with Heightened Anxiety, the programme identifies disturbed States of Being in key environments, such as school and at home, and coaches the Child on how to neutralise the disturbances within those environments. For Children with Low Emotion Regulation, the programme addresses challenging behaviour and perceptions, and increases Emotion Regulation Skills.

There are five pillars in the programme.

The first is an Emotion Education component which addresses low emotion resilience and underdeveloped emotion IQ. This component is particularly effective for children with Foetal Alcohol or on the spectrum. Practical emotion regulation strategies are taught and participants learn the importance of self responsibility to de-esculate.

The second component addresses non-productive thoughts. Child specific Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which includes therapeutic animations and activities, teaches participants how to monitor their thoughts and reduce the impact and intensity of the thoughts.

The third component is the development of a client specific Behavioural Management plan for home and school. Debbie provides support to implement the plan, with behavioural incidents being promptly addressed each week during therapy sessions.

The fourth addresses the symptoms of PTSD and trauma, using a process of client specific, Therapeutic Guided Imagery that Debbie developed over 15 years ago for clients exposed to Family Violence and neglect.

The fifth component provides the wrap around support of additional Family therapy and Sibling therapy. Addressing the dynamics within the home and between siblings.

With her previous experience, being contracted by NZ Police to provide in the home therapy for families affected by family violence, Debbie has developed a Trauma Therapy programme for Mothers who have difficulty in parenting their Children. This additional service addresses the needs of the Mother in order for her to manage challenging behaviour at home.

10 years ago Debbie introduced the addition of therapy horses and dogs to engage the Child through the Emotion Regulation Therapy Programme. The programme is not to be confused with Equine Therapy however, which is an experiential programme whereby the horse is the main therapist.

Parental Coaching- New Generation Children.

You may have noticed that your Child has a heightened sensitivity to sound, or other stimulus which results in sensory overload. Your Child may have heightened sensitivity to injustice or social cruelty. New Generation Children are sensitive Beings, affected more so than other children to irritation tonal changes, and subtle nuances that depict frustration. As Parents, it is important to understand that your State of Being affects New Generation Children.

Parental Coaching provides a mentoring service to assist you to be a more neutral Parent, and teaches how to support and empower your child. This is a Skype Coaching Programme that is held weekly. Contact Debbie for more information.

Emotion Education Programmes for Schools.

Willow Social and Emotional Learning Programmes for Schools.

In 2011 Debbie developed and facilitated a School Based Emotion I.Q Pilot Programme for vulnerable Primary School Children. Children were selected for the pilot programme based on high Emotional and Behavioural Needs. The programme proved effective in moderating behaviour , increasing Emotion Regulation Skills and increasing the general wellbeing of the participants. Based on the Pilot Programme, Debbie has developed a range of Social and Emotional Learning Programmes for Primary, Intermediate and High Schools.

Debbie facilitates the Social and Emotional Learning Programmes in Auckland schools as well as facilitating the Willow SEL Programme at Willow Therapy Farm, in Clevedon.

Willow SEL Programme

The Willow SEL Programme is an Early Intervention , Emotion Resilience programme for Schools. The objective of the programme is to improve participants Emotion Regulation skills and peer engagement.

With the assistance of horses, dogs and the natural environment, participants are taught Emotion Regulation Tools. Support material is supplied to the teacher to assist in implementing the Emotion Regulation strategies within the classroom. 

During the 5 week programme, participants gain a better understanding of their emotional reactions and those of their peers. The strategies taught, diffuse the agitation of the emotion in the early stages of an emotional or behavioural disturbance. Used in the classroom, these tools are an effective means of reducing behavioural incidents and maintaining engagement.

Willow Therapy Farm session on Bullying, aided by Therapy Dogs

Willow Therapy Farm's dog team, Mylie, Muffin and Teddy are helping Students understand Bullying States of Being.

The Willow SEL Programme is available free to schools through SWIS. Please contact your SWIS provider or download the Willow SEL Programme application form.

Self Discovery and Self Leadership Programme

for High School Students.

The Willow Therapy Farm, Self Discovery and Self Leadership Programme for Teenagers, incorporates purpose designed activities that bring about experiences to generate Self Discovery and increase Self and Social Responsibility.

Small and large group programmes are available.

School Based Programmes

Debbie provides a range of Therapeutic Picture books and Audio Programmes aimed at enabling Children to enter a 'Learning Ready' state of being. Contact Debbie for further information.

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