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Adult Alternative Therapy

Emotion Reprogramming

Intuitive Led, Therapeutic Guided Imagery is used to neutralise disempowering emotion disturbances.

How it works

Scientists have determined that all moments are coexisting…. With past present and future happening in the same moment. They have also determined that multi dimensions with infinite possibilities are also occurring within this same moment. Genetic Scientists have ascertained that trauma can be past from one Generation to another.

Emotion Reprogramming works on a specific Emotion Disturbance such as anger. Through a visualisation process, the Origination Moment of the Emotion is ascertained and neutralised. This may be in this life time or a previous lifetime/dimension. Or may be influenced through the Clients Genetic Lines. The result is a neutralisation of emotion disturbances relating to a specific event, as well as lessening the effects of Trauma, Anxiety and Depression.

 Anxiety, Depression and Stress Management Therapy.

Disturbances in life are often brought about by a combination of Non Productive Emotional, Cognitive and Behavioural Episodes. Historical Emotion Energy accumulates in the Etheric and Physical Body, as does historical Non Productive Thoughts accumulate in the consciousness. The accumulation of Emotion Energy and Non Productive Thoughts bring about further Emotional, Cognitive and Behavioural Disturbances. Anxiety, Stress and Depression Management Therapy combines Emotion Traditional and Alternative Therapies and Energy Work in conjunction with practical Coaching to provide a holistic approach. The Therapy assists to diffuse historical Emotion Energy which causes Emotion Blocks and Disturbances. 

Intuitive Coaching

Providing a platform where Clients gain insight and direction from their Higher Self, pathing the way to reach their fullest potential.

Therapy for PTSD

Intuitive, Therapeutic Guided Imagery reduces the intensity and frequency of flashbacks in relation to PTSD. This form of therapy generates a calming state of being to aid in the recovery of trauma.

Women's Wellbeing workshops

Addressing the needs of Women, both spiritually and emotionally. Workshops include Personal Growth, Post Natal Depression and burnout.


“Debbie provides a very unique method of therapy which has released the richness of inner peace and well-being previously hidden by the weight of my problems. Her holistic approach draws on Emotion Mindfulness Coaching, Intuitive Life Coaching, Emotion focused CBT, Visualisation and Energy Work and is very different from anything I have experienced in over ten years of counselling with seven different counsellors. Whereas the focus of therapy is usually on unravelling the past, I have found Debbie to focus on the present moment. She is skilfully able to draw out the inner strength and intelligence that is often hidden deep within so that I now feel I have the tools to deal with situations that are unhelpful in my life.

My self-esteem, confidence and capacity to deal with problems have grown ten-fold. Within a few sessions with Debbie, and committed practice with mindfulness, positive thinking and calmness I feel much more able to focus on the important things in life and find less need to dwell on the past or worry about the future. I have become more capable of remaining calm and focussed as I monitor and moderate negative thought patterns and behaviours that were not helpful to my life. How enlightening it is to be free of them".

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